Welcome to Riversdale

  1. Neil


    Garden Architecture

    Riversdale is a beautiful place; we think we fit right in. We're proud to have become a premiere destination for Saskatoon's green thumbs and we've got some great ideas for your green space.
  2. Dallas


    Hot Yoga on 20th

    Together, Steph and I created Saskatoon's first purpose-built hot yoga studio. We've travelled all around the world doing what we love, and we couldn't be happier to call Riversdale home.
  3. Jordan


    Roxy Theatre

    The Roxy Theatre is more than just a Riversdale landmark: we're one of Canada's last remaining atmospheric theatres. Whether you come for music or movies, expect an unforgettable experience.
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  4. Patrick


    Park Cafe

    The Park Cafe's got retro styling and a modern sensibility when it comes to food, but it's the people of Riversdale that really give us our vibe. We can't wait to seat you.
  5. John


    Bike Universe

    When we made the move to Riversdale, we fell in love with the neighbourhood's bike culture. We're sure you will, too.
  6. Jackson


    Collective Coffee

    I grew up nearby and I've always felt a strong connection to Riversdale. Next time you're in the neighbourhood, check in at the Two Twenty and grab a killer macchiato.
  7. Johnathon


    Escape Sports

    Saskatoon's an active place and nowhere more than Riversdale. Visit us for supplies from paddle boards to roller derby wear, whatever your sport of choice.
  8. Kyle


    The Hollows

    Hey, we're serving up the localest menu in Saskatoon. We'd love to share our passion for incredible food with you at The Hollows.

A Feature Set Community

  1. Canada's Next Great Neighbourhood

    Canada's Next Great Neighbourhood

    Canada's En Route Magazine recently included Riversdale on its list of up-and-coming neighbourhoods, calling it a "West-side success story" and making special mention of some great local businesses (and residents!). We've always seen the potential in Riversdale, so it's no surprise that the rest of Canada is beginning to take notice.

  2. Fresh, locally-grown green peppers

    A Local Farmers' Market

    Saskatoon's bustling Farmer's Market is only steps away from Mosaic, located at 19th Street and Avenue B. A colourful collection of tables and stalls showcasing a rich variety of fruit, vegetables, meats and local products, the Saskatoon market is open all year round.

  3. The sign on the Roxy Theatre

    Rich in Culture & History

    Riversdale is known for its rich history and vibrant arts and cultural community. Besides its ongoing hosting of arts, music and film festivals, the area is also steeped in the history of a diverse range of people and cultures.

  4. A view of the bridge from River Landing

    The River on your Doorstep

    Nestled along the river's edge, Riversdale boasts scenic views of the water, beautiful green spaces Victoria Park and River Landing, and is the perfect place to stroll, picnic or enjoy one of the city's many cycling paths.

Set in the Heart of our City

Shift Development

Shift Development

Shift Development Inc. creates exceptional residential and commercial development projects fostering sustainable lifestyles, connection, and collaboration. With innovative projects focusing on adaptive reuse, we design environments where communities thrive.

Quint Construction

Quint Construction

Quint Development Corporation exists to strengthen the economic and social well being of Saskatoon's five core neighbourhoods through community based economic development. Quint, meaning five in Latin, represents the communities of Caswell Hill, King George, Pleasant Hill, Riversdale and Westmount.